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CatMage Dice is a Canadian dicemaker, creating unique and inspiring pieces of art for TTRPG players to appreciate and enjoy. Each of our handmade sharp-edged D&D dice sets are carefully polished and lovingly inked to bring you all the luck you need in your next campaign!

The shop is updated monthly to add new premade sets and re-open a limited number of commission slots. To make sure you don’t miss the next shop update, follow us on social media and sign up for our mailing list!

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Commission Dice Sets

Bring your character or campaign to life with your very own custom-made dice!
A limited number of commission slots are opened when the shop updates.

Looking for inspiration? Check out what other customers think about their custom dice!


I can’t tell you how excited I am to share my experience with Alister and Catmage Dice. When I thought about the concept of the first images of black holes being put in dice, I never thought someone would come up with such a clean and striking way to do it. I expected resin swirled with black and red and orange that I’d have to explain the idea but Alister had a strategy up his sleeve to actually put a black hole in dice. And the bit of what looks like red sparkle on the edges? So SO great. Not only is it a striking set that I’ve gotten multiple compliments on, but they roll perfectly balanced. I’m not a fan of dice that consistently roll high, I like a truly random result (failure’s half the fun), and the fact this set has given me as many 4s and 6s as it has 15s and 20s is a testament to their quality and Alister’s skill. 15 out of ten from the judges table. Would absolutely recommend and will purchase again.


I can honestly say that Alister is an absolute delight to work with. They took what I had in mind and ran with it, and it is so exciting to feel like the creator is as keen for these dice as you are. The set is gorgeous, even more perfect than what I was thinking, and Alister would update me every few days about ideas they’d had to incorporate into the set to make them even more amazing (and every suggestion was right on the money).

If you’re looking for a set of immaculate custom made dice, I cannot recommend Catmage enough.


I got married in September to my wonderful DnD loving husband, and I wanted to get him a set of dice incorporating some of our dried wedding flowers. I messaged Alister about the idea, and he was so excited to work on this set for me, which made me really excited, too!

When ordering a custom set, Alister will send photos of the dice after they have been set to see if you like how they turned out. While the first set of dice looked really cool, it wasn’t what I envisioned for this special set, and Alister graciously created a second set for me, which turned out PERFECTLY. He was very honest if there were any imperfections, which he was able to correct, and you cannot see any flaws in the dice. They are so smooth and shiny, with no noticeable bubbles.

I highly recommend CatMageDice for all your dice needs!!


In the description of how I wanted my dice to look I described very vaguely what I had thought of. The first casting Alister did was exactly how I envisioned them in my head. For the colouration of the numbers I had trouble deciding between two colours. Alister was kind enough to create two versions of the dice with both colours so that it was easier for me to see the final result. After asking for his opinion, he shared in depth his vision of what the two colours would look like and how they would work with the dice themselves. That really made it easier for me to decide on the final colour.

I highly recommend him and his craft and cant wait to see what he will achieve in the future.


Just got my custom set in today and it’s far more striking than the photo (and video) updates could do justice.

Alister is an absolute delight to work with and he helped me refine and realize my dice concept in a spectacular fashion.

10/10 would recommend!


My custom dice arrived today and they look incredible! Alister went above and beyond to include some really unique elements and they turned out looking amazing. The dice are very shiny and well-sanded with no imperfections or bubbles, and seem to roll really well too.

Highly recommend commissioning CatMageDice for anybody looking for a custom dice set. Alister also provided a number of photoshop mock-ups for the ink so I could choose one that I liked the most, which was very generous.


I just got my custom set of dice today and I am in love! They are gorgeous and look better than I could have imagined! They roll well, feel good in the hand, look incredible, and are all around amazing. It is also my first time owning a non-standard d4 and I love it so much!

Auction Dice Sets

Not everyone is able to visit the shop immediately after it restocks, so a selection of dice are put up for auction each update to give anyone the chance to own them.

Bidding closes the following night after the initial shop update. Auctions will auto-extend after a last-minute bid is placed to prevent sniping.

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