Every D&D character is unique.

Inspired by your imagination and explored through hours of gameplay, it’s easy to find yourself immersed in your hero over the course of their journey. The story you create is deeply personal: why shouldn’t the dice that help tell it be as well?

My name is Alister, and I work directly with you to craft a personal dice set that reflects your vision for your D&D character— giving you a piece of handmade art to wield throughout your campaign, and a beautiful talisman of memories when your heroic journey is complete.

Your character, born of your creativity, is one of a kind.

It makes sense their dice would be the same.

The Commission Process

Join the Waitlist

Sign up below with your name, email, and a unique identifier to save your place in line! You’ll receive an automated confirmation email with additional details, including a link check your status on the waitlist.


Sit Tight

Keep an eye on your place in the queue and wait to reach the top. While waiting, see what I’m up to by following me on social media or by signing up for the mailing list to be notified of new Dice Auctions!

Commission Your Dice

Once you reach the top of the list, I’ll email you with instructions to place and pay for your order online. From there, we’ll be in constant communication via email while I bring your dice vision to life!

Pricing and Payment

The cost of a commission can vary depending on the options you select in your order: please make use of the price table below to plan your commission before signing up. Tax and shipping are additional and will be automatically calculated and added to your order total at checkout. Please do not sign up for the waitlist if you do not intend to pay for an order.

Prices are listed below in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

All commissions include 3 casting attempts with photos of each round for review.

Ready to Commission?

Claim your place in line now, and I’ll reach out when it’s your turn to create your very own custom CatMage Dice set!

Join The List!

Ready to Commission?

Claim your place in line now, and I’ll reach out when it’s your turn to create your very own custom CatMage Dice set!

Join The List!

Next steps

So you’ve signed up for the waitlist: now what?

Preparing For Your Commission

Aside from checking the list for an update on your place in line, you can gather resources that will help me better envision your request when it’s time to get started.

A non-exhaustive list of information that would be helpful to share includes:

  • A description of what you’re envisioning
  • Reference art, description, or a photo of your character’s tabletop mini
  • Color palette
  • Campaign setting
  • Character’s class, weapon of choice, defining characteristics
  • Motifs or themes that are associated with your character
  • Anything else that could help with visualizing your request!

Creating Your Dice

Once you’ve reached the top of the waitlist, I will email you with instructions to place and pay for your order online. This is when you’ll share your request details and references for your custom set of dice, and I will offer ideas and suggestions based on my experience to guide us in a direction that will lead to beautiful dice results!

I’ll cast your dice and provide photos via email for you to review once they’ve been demolded. You are free to provide feedback if something needs to be adjusted, and I will re-cast your dice up to 2 more attempts for your approval if needed. You have the option to receive a full refund if we haven’t nailed your dice by the third set, but don’t worry: I haven’t had an unhappy customer yet!

Once you approve your dice they’ll be cleaned up, inked, photographed for posting on social media, and mailed in a sturdy padded box for protection. You’ll receive a tracking number via email when they are shipped so you can eagerly anticipate their arrival!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do commissions HAVE to be based on a character?

Not at all! I’ve created custom dice based on all sorts of inspiration. Other ideas for dice besides character-based include anniversary gifts with preserved wedding flowers, graduation presents for students with a specific topic of interest, miniature dioramas of hobbies or interests, favorite color combinations, or bribes for your DM!

I want to order multiple sets of dice: should I sign up more than once?

You can use your slot in the waitlist to order more than one set of dice at a time! There is no need to sign up multiple times if you already have a spot in line.

Do you offer any other dice combinations for different RPG systems?

Not at the moment.

In the future I hope to makeother combinations of dice available for different RPG systems, such as up to 10D6 or 10D10. If you’re interested in commissioning me for a different combination of dice than what’s currently available, please let me know!