no name [#009999]

I hope you are able to sneak online tonite! I pretended to sleep when dad came upstairs but i think he fell asleep already so i can stay online until mom comes home from her meeting. last week she caught me because the computer took too long to shut down so this time im jsut going to hit the power button when i hear her get home. Its nice that she has a late night work meeting every week because it means i am getting good at this!!!!

Also did we have math homework? i forgot to write it down again and cant remember. dad asked if I did my homework and i told him yes so that he would let me go on the computer. I TRIED to start my other homework but i got too distracted and rearranged my room instead.

oh and mom agreed to a sleepover friday after school so your parents have to write a bus pass so I can come home with you