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Shadow Moon Wolf Pack version 2: The Rebirth is now in full swing, with many new exciting characters. Join today to be a part of one of the greatest fantasy wolf roleplays!

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We are re-starting the roleplay, kicking our action off with a great start, a few years after the Shadow Wolves gained control and overthrew the wolves of the forest. Now a group of wandering rogues find the abandonned packsite, and take it up as their own, learning about the pack’s members and the past that walked these forests.

There couldn’t be a better time to join than now, as there are free spots and character involvement available! This is a fantasy wolf roleplay, involving fictional breeds of wolves, powers, the 5 Elements, and of course, plots.

For all our members: Please know that all currently active characters will no longer be roleplayed unless stated otherwise. If you want your character to remain active, their character bio will have to be redone and posted again, according to our new plot lines. Their rolepalying status will restart.



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