Art commissions

  • You will receive a digital image file at least 1920x1080px and have the right to do whatever you’d like with it, except make money by re-selling the image.
  • I require at least partial payment up-front before starting any work, and can offer payment plans if needed.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • My work may not be used for NFTs or AI training.

I Won’t Draw:

  • Depictions of extreme violence or abuse
  • Underage relationships
  • Hateful images or activities
  • NSFW is available to Patrons only


Patreon lets you join a creator’s community and pay them for making great stuff that you love. In return for becoming a real-life patron of the arts, you’ll get access to exclusive benefits and bonus content.

Decide which membership tier is best for you and become one of my patrons today!

I’m not yet ready to launch my Patreon. I’ll announce on social media when it’s live.


$50 CAD
+$25 per additional character

Lineart + Flat Colors

$150 CAD
+$75 per additional character

Fully Rendered

$250 CAD
+$125 per additional character

Commission Me!

Please fill out the form below with information about your commission request!
If you need to provide additional files, you can send it in a follow-up email or over social media: just let me know where to look for it!

Once I receive your request, I’ll send a PayPal invoice for the cost and will start working once at least a first deposit has been paid.
If you’d like to pay in installments, I can split the cost up by each phase of work (sketch, lineart/flat colors, and full rendering) and require payment for the next step before proceeding. Sketch-only commissions require full payment up-front.

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