7 Liquidcore D20s

CAD $550 CAD

Color Preferences

If you have a color scheme in mind, please use the following fields to share which colors you'd like me to aim for. Note that these colors will not necessarily be the exact shades used in your dice: these are more to offer a visual color palette builder.

Leave the fields as Hexcode "#aaaaaa" (RGB value 170,170,170) to indicate no selection. If you need to provide more info, use the Additional Details field below.

Additional Details

Provide any details about what you're looking for from your custom request! You're also welcome to reply to my email with additional information or attachments.

If you'd like to order multiple sets of dice, please feel free to repeat this process to add additional items to your cart before checking out. You'll receive an automatic confirmation email once you place your order, and that's where we'll continue our conversation throughout the commission process to keep everything related to your order in one place.

Each commission set includes up to 3 rounds of attempts to get your vision right. If we haven't nailed it by the third round, you'll have the option to receive a full refund. I reserve the right to sell any sets that you do not approve.