Precision Balanced Handmade D&D Resin Dice™

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Are you tired of the random chance of any number possibly coming up when rolling your favorite set of handmade resin D&D dice?

Are you concerned that your dice is acting out by rolling badly on purpose, and you feel bad about throwing it in dice jail as punishment?

Do you absolutely just lose it and throw them across the room when your dice don’t give you the number you were hoping for?

Surely someone has invented the perfect dice for your TTRPG experience by now…right?

Introducing the

Precision Balanced Handmade Resin Dice™

A new product from CatMage Dice!

A very special, precision-engineered, handmade resin dice design that has been in the works in a collaboration with professional manufacturers for over a year now. These phenomenal dice have a great weight to them, and make a satisfyingly heavy clunk when rolling on the table or in your favorite dice tray, and are guaranteed to always roll the exact number that you need during any campaign. These flawless pieces are art will be the envy of everyone at the table!

Consider a set of Precision Balanced Handmade Resin Dice™ as the perfect gift for your favorite DM to thank them for their tireless work in dragging your dearest PC through perilous near-death fights and traumatic character growth!