Midnight Disco

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This permanent colorway can be made on demand, even when there are no premade sets in stock. Please allow at least 5 business days for Made On Demand sets to be produced, depending on our queue.

Check out a video of the color-shift flakes as they reflect at different angles!

Each set is cast with molds made from our custom master dice. All sets include 7 polyhedral dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, and D20, unless otherwise stated. Since these dice are all made by hand and not machined, they may include small imperfections such as microbubbles or rough edges from sanding down sprues and flashing. Sets with noticeable flaws will be sold as B-grade sets at a discount.

The design of our dice includes an outline around the number on the highest face of each die, to subtly highlight maximum rolls without replacing the number itself. The D10 also features a slight alteration, to replace the 0 on the high face with a 10. For the D10 and D% dice, the 0 and 00 faces have been chosen as the high faces. For more information, including how to roll D100 with our dice, please review our FAQ here.

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2 reviews for Midnight Disco

  1. Doug H

    So cute and well put together! Incredibly happy with this purchase. Alister was able to help me navigate my order and DE-LIV-ERED on sending this great set! Would absolutely recommend this well crafted and thoughtful product to anyone. Great work and thank you!

  2. EldritchHorror

    Package arrived very quickly after shipping, the packaging itself was very cute and very well done. Having the dice displayed amongst the paper shreds allowed easy access to seeing all of them, making sure they’re all accounted for, all while keeping them nice and safe. The dice themselves are very cute and well made. Overall 12/10, would happily buy again and base characters aesthetics around them.

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