Dear diary,

This has been the worst week ever.

We had to put Cookie down because she had gotten so old that she couldn’t walk anymore.

Then Copper got out again on accident and this time she got hit by a car. She was ok but it was so scary seeing her run into the street and I was afraid that she would get killed and then both our dogs would have died.

Then at school the bully said that maybe the reason my dog died and the other one was trying to run away was because they hated me. And when I told the teacher she didn’t do anything about the bully and just let me go into the hallway until I calmed down and stopped wanting to cry.

Then in English class I was doing my book report about wolves and how they communicate and the teacher stopped me in the middle because she thought the props I was using were just random things that I grabbed from home because she said I waited until the last minute to work on it. But that wasn’t true because I had thought it out and I was using the little plastic computer and cell phone from my old Barbie dolls, and I was saying how wolves didn’t have email or phones to talk over long distances so instead they used howling, but she just thought I was making up excuses and that those didn’t count as real props. She made me stay inside for recess so everyone else knew that I’d gotten in trouble, even though I didn’t do anything wrong. Mom got really mad when I told her about it when I got home and she talked to the teacher so that I wouldn’t fail the assignment, but I was still really embarrassed.